Q: How much for extra hours?

A: $125 per hour.


Q: Do the prints come in two sets?

A: You get 2 photo strips. One goes to the guest and one goes into a guest book where the guest can sign and leave you a message. All materials for the guest book is provided for you.


Q: The ceremony and reception are at the same venue, does that typically mean the booth gets set up before the ceremony or during? If it's set up before the ceremony is there a discounted 'idle' hour fee?

A: We arrive for set up an hour prior to start time. So, if you wanted it set up earlier and not used, it would be considered an idle time. For example: If your reception/photo booth starts at 5:00. We would arrive at 4:00 and would be ready to go by 5:00. If your ceremony is at 4:00 and you want us to set up by that time, then we would arrive at 3:00 and set up and then return at 5:00 to start the rental portion. There would be an additional charge of $35 for the idle time. Depending on your timing it's $35 per hour for idle time.


Q: I can't quite tell from the photo if there's a chair or bench in the booth or not?

A: It's 2 chairs with adjustable height in the Original photo booth. 


Q: How much of a deposit is required and what forms of payment do you accept?

A: $300 deposit and cash, check or card are accepted


.Q: Is there a way to personalize the border or add our names and wedding date?

A: We offer a selection of borders, we can work together to get the one that works best for you. Each strip is customized with your names & dates.

Below are questions that have come from actual customers:

Q: How is the booth set up and what are the space requirements?
A: The contract states a 10x10 space, but you can get away with a little less when using the Original photo booth.  You just need to make sure there is enough space for the prop/guest book table & the space for the flow of people coming in & out isn't too small.
For our Red Carpet photo booth a 10x15  space is needed.

Q: I've seen booths that don't have walls or curtains, just a backdrop. Do you offer something like that?
A: You are referring to an open air photo booth. Either one of our photo booths can be set up in that fashion. We currently don't have a variety of backdrop, so it's suggested you provide one or use a unique wall or structure at your venue.

Q: Can it be set up outdoors?
A: As long as there isn't any chance of rain and it's placed on dry/level ground. Also, keep in mind that you will need an outlet to plug in the booth.

Q: How many people can fit in the booth at one time?
A: 2-5 is a nice fit with our Original photo booth & up to 10 with our Red Carpet photo booth.  You can pull back the curtain on the Original photo booth to accommodate more people.

Q:Is there a list of props available?
A: We don't keep a list due to the fact that props are often being replaced due to wear & tear. Offered is a  wide range of hats, boas, glasses & mustache/lip props.

Q: Do I need to provide a table for the props?
A: If you have a specific table size and/or linen choice, you must provide it. We bring a four foot table with a black linen. Anything outside of that you must provide.